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Invest in you.  You'll never be the same.

Who I work with

- Business owners

- Aspiring business owners

- High level, strategic decision makers within businesses and organizations

- People who are ambitious, creative, value being fulfilled in and out of work, and anywhere from curious to passionate about environmental sustainability and money.

- They are interested in personal and professional growth, connecting with their intuition, and co-creating with the universe.

- They are willing to explore their thoughts and feelings, and entertain new ideas.

Is this you? I can help

Do you feel:

Fear because there is never enough money? Like you are not in control of how much money you make, who buys from you or when they buy? 

Confused about how you can be more environmentally sustainable and make just as much money as you are now if not more? Don't know where to start? 

Overwhelmed in your business? Like there is too much to do? Do you work late, on the weekends, through breaks? Are you understaffed? Stretched thin?

Exhausted outside of work? Like all your energy is zapped? Do you cancel plans?  Just want to lie on the couch? 

I provide both mindset coaching and tactical support to help you. 

Choose more:   Money   Environmental Sustainability   Calm Confidence   Simplicity   Ease   

in your business   in your life


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"Thank you for all the ways you have helped me shift and transform myself and my business over the past year plus. I want you to know that you have played a vital role. I am so grateful for you...


You've opened so many doors for me in my own brain and heart... 


I am stepping into my badass CEO business woman money-maker self. I wouldn't be here without you. Thank you."


Use Less Plastic When Going Out

Practical Living for the Environmentally Curious

Is this you?


Do you love doing fun things outside? Like being on the water, at the beach, swimming, hiking, walking, gardening, biking, camping, going to the cabin, playing or watching sports like golf, soccer, etc.?

Are you curious about how you could better protect the places and creatures you love for yourself and future generations through small, everyday choices?


Have you set a New Year's resolutions to better live out your values, such as being more environmentally friendly, and want support in following through?

If you believe environment sustainability is important and that you could be doing more, but you don't know where to start or how to just take some baby steps, then sign up for this course.

What you will get

By the end of the course you will: 

- Have one new routine that is better for the environment, and simple and doable for you.  

- Understand how psychology/ sociology and your mindset affect your success in reducing single use plastic.

- Know other like-minded people on the same path as you. Receive support as you try things out.

- Be more empowered to help shape the type of world you want to live in.

Weekly, 30-minute coaching calls for 8 weeks. 6:30 pm (Eastern). Wednesdays. Replays will be available.

Topics: supplies, bags, going out to eat or drink, events, holidays, traveling, mindset, psychology. 


  • 1:1 coaching

    1 Upfront payment
    Valid for 6 months
  • Practical living

    for the environmentally curious
    Valid for 8 weeks
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