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About Me

Afraid being more eco-friendly in business will be too hard?
Sick of struggling with money?

It is my mission to make it simple and doable for you to make your business environmentally friendly and profitable.  

Many of my clients love the beauty of nature. They want to pass down a healthy earth to next generations but are afraid they must choose between that and making a profit in their business. No! These things are not mutually exclusive.


As an independent and trained Blue Consultant, I consult with various clients on the implementation of Oceanic Global's Blue Standard, which helps businesses and industries reduce single-use plastics, improve the sustainability of their operations, and achieve a measurable impact that protects our blue planet. Blue consultants must complete a training program and undergo evaluations with Oceanic Global.


I want people to have many restaurants and bars to choose from, in any given city, that they could relax at knowing the business shares their environmental values, uses reusables, and makes other sustainable choices.  

I have pursued environmental sustainability all my life, but I didn’t grow up that way and have rarely lived in communities with that culture. I was able to make it work for myself nonetheless and will teach you how to do the same.

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My Story

I am an expert at helping people get the results they want in their businesses and life.

I am trained through The Life Coach School, have a master's degree in urban planning, grew up in Minnesota, am a lifelong environmentalist, am a creative, am a lover of plants, animals and beauty, have worked in wellness, urban/ transportation planning, start ups, and the government sector. 

I am able to analyze the core issues at play within a business and develop strategies to improve them. I teach you how to do this too.


One of my key strengths is creating strong partnerships and collaborations and I will coach you on how to find and develop these too.

Roughly five years ago, I joined a coaching program and have been hooked ever since.  I went on to get certified through the Life Coach School.


I will help you embody the same skills that has led Brooke Castillo, The Life Coach School's CEO, to make 42 million dollars in her company, without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted.


My training is in causal coaching, which means I address the root cause of the results you are seeing in your life; your thoughts and feelings. I help people manage their minds and allow their feelings so they can do big things.


Big visions. Big impact. Big wealth. Big abundance. My job is to support you so it is inevitable your dreams will come true. 

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If you are ready to be supported, guided and experience amazing transformations, then coaching could be for you! 

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